How to Be Respected By All Your Coworkers

As you get older, you learn that being liked doesn’t always mean respect. I used to want to be liked but now I don’t care about that.

Being disrespected is worse than being liked — if someone doesn’t respect you, they look down at you or secretly dislike you.

Here’s 5 ways to guarantee someone’s respect at work:

1. Respect their time

It doesn’t matter how charming you are as a person. You can make someone laugh till they pee, but if you come late to your shift, especially when you have to break someone, they’ll start to resent you, or even hate you.

Whether or not you meant to, coming late shows coworkers that you don’t respect them.

2. Respect yourself

People won’t respect you if you won’t respect yourself. Here are signs of self-respect:

  • Dress nicely and/or wear makeup
  • Come on time
  • Set boundaries with others
  • Not a pushover

3. Have a life outside of work

If your life revolves around work, coworkers won’t respect you. It’s important to show others that you have a life of your own.

It’s good to care about the people at your job and the company you work for, but having nothing else to talk about other than work is off-putting.

Make sure to continue your hobbies and have something to look forward to outside of the daily grind.

4. Don’t backbite/gossip about other coworkers.

Although some coworkers won’t like that you taking the high road, keeping your lips sealed of gossip will gain their respect.

Again, this post isn’t to show you how to make your workers like you. Maybe your coworkers love to gossip and hate that you refuse to. That doesn’t matter. In the long run, what matters is respect.

5. Help each other out

If a coworker broke their foot and really needs someone to cover a shift, be there for them. However, don’t be that coworker that covers everyone’s shifts but when they desperately need help, it’s crickets.

And…that’s it! Those five steps are all you need to ensure that you have your coworkers’ respect.

What are some things you do at work that guarantees respect at the workplace? Leave a comment below!

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