Why I Use Instagram Again

Okay, my previous post about how evil Instagram is did not age well. However, instead of deleting it and pretending it never existed, I wanted to write this post on why I use Instagram again and the benefits it has for me.

Although all my previous points still stand, here are 3 reasons why I returned to this platform:

1. I almost missed my friend’s bridal shower and wedding

It was a miracle one friend reached out to ask if I knew that another was having a bridal shower in a few days.

I freaked out. Had it not been for that friend who texted me, I would’ve never known.

This moment was a wake-up call. Whether or not I use the app, I need to use Instagram again to make sure I’m in the loop of my friends’ important days.

2. It’s another way to build an audience

In my previous post bashing Instagram, I never mentioned the benefit of having followers. Because I never took blogging seriously, I never saw my followers as possible subscribers to my blog.

It never occurred to me that some of my followers would like my posts and share them.

So now, I don’t see Instagram as personal platform, but more of a business one. This viewpoint keeps me emotionally distant from the app to where I stop obsessing over likes or views on my stories.

3. It’s a dating profile

Before you start giggling, hear me out.

Your Instagram page is a dating profile.

If you’re a homebody like me, it’s important to put yourself out there so guys know you exist. With your Instagram profile, you won’t have to glam yourself up constantly or go to every wedding, party, or get-together known to Man.

Just post a few cute photos of yourself, and viola! Now you can sit back and never have to worry about “putting yourself out there”ever again.

I know these three reasons are far less as to why I stopped using the platform in the first place, but honestly, these reasons are enough for me to return.

Do you use Instagram or Facebook? If so, what are the benefits that keep you on the platform. If not, what turned you away?

Leave a comment below!

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