3 Steps to Take to Relieve Anxiety

As someone who deals with anxiety disorder, when a bout of exhaustion and worry washes over me, it’s hard to come out of the funk. Sometimes the symptoms keeps me from achieving my goals or even living my life.

Luckily for you, I’ve learned ways to deal with my anxiety. By doing these three steps, my symptoms lessen or go away completely:

1. Listen to positive affirmations

When my thoughts become more negative throughout the week, I whip out my playlist of positive affirmations I saved on YouTube.

A lot of times, our anxiety takes over our thoughts, making us believe that all our efforts we put into our life are in vain. Instead of letting these thoughts conquer you, listen to some affirmations to fight it off.

Not only will listening to affirmations help with your anxiety, you’ll start to go about your day in a better mood.

2. Exercise/Yoga

My anxiety gets worse when I don’t exercise. It takes no more than 10 minutes to do yoga, but the results are definitely worth it.

I know that many experts stress the importance of exercise to the point it gets exhausting to hear, but I promise that yoga doesn’t take too much energy and will make you feel much better afterwards.

3. Socialize

This step will probably make you fume with rage, but hear me out.

A lot of people nowadays suffer with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). And our phones have everything to do with it.

Social media and our iPhones make it easier to stay at home instead of going out and interacting with others.

We as humans learn from our environment. Without practice, we start to lose our ability to socialize. There are countless videos you can find of people who have been isolated from civilization who struggle to communicate, and there’s a reason for it.

Go out and talk to the barista as you get coffee. Go to Marshalls and shop for clothes. If you have someone to go with, all the better.

Out of all the steps, this one is the most important because of how isolation impacts anxiety. If we don’t take some time out of our day to interact with others, we worsen our anxiety.

Bonus step: Focus on your hobbies

If there’s something that keeps your brain occupied for at least an hour, do it! For me, it’s writing.

If you don’t have a hobby to distract yourself with, another tip is to find a TV show to watch. Game of Thrones (before the 8th season) was one way I dealt with my anxiety, surprisingly enough. This show sucked me in so good that I’d go hours without thinking.

Okay guys, these are my 3 tips on how to relieve anxiety. I hope these tips were helpful for you.

What are steps you take to relieve your anxiety. And, which steps were you told to do by others that didn’t help so much?

Leave a comment below!

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