Why I Deleted Instagram: 10 Reasons Why I Left That Toxic Universe

In my last post, I talked about how I impulsively deleted Instagram because of my struggles with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. However, the decision to delete Instagram wasn’t truly compulsive.

Subconsciously, I knew Instagram was a fake world. It’s an illusion where we believe we’re connected to those around us when we’re not.

While having my dark episode, my intuition told me that Instagram contributed to my depressive symptoms.

Without further ado, here are 10 reasons why I deleted Instagram:

1. You’re not connected — it’s an illusion

All you see is what others want you to see. The people around you are going through difficult moments in their life, but all you see is their smiling faces.

You think everyone’s doing well and they’re at the height of their careers, but once you meet them in person, you realize it’s a facade.

2. They don’t feel obligated to see you in person

When you’re connected to others and see their work schedule, school life, and family feuds every day, it’s easy to pass up on opportunities to hang out. After all — you do know everything that’s going on in their life, so what’s the point of meeting them in person?

Although this is an awful mindset, I know that I have thought this at least once. Many people I’ve followed would also avoid me in public. It made me wonder — what’s the point of following so many people if we can’t even say hi to each other?

3. If you see your followers in person, they avoid you like the plague

A lot of my followers were not happy to see me in person. They would either avoid me when I’d approach, or pretend I don’t exist. But lo’ and behold, as soon as I post something on my story, they watch it.

It hurt to realize this, but Instagram doesn’t bring people together. It’s not a place to make new friends.

4. It’s a dark place filled with dark energy

There’s a lot of bad energy on Instagram. The green-eyed monster runs rampant on this platform.

I’ve caught my relatives talking about my posts behind my back. The things they said weren’t pleasant. But to my face, they’re quiet as mules.

It’s frustrating because I know they’re talking so much crap about what I post but would never say it to my face. It made me wonder how much bad energy was coming my way, all because someone was jealous or hated my guts.

Also, whenever I posted a good photo of myself, something horrible happened. Three minutes after I posted a nice photo of myself, I was pulled over by the police. The day after I share good news about my career, there’s a setback in my work life. Another time, I got so sick, I couldn’t get out of bed for days.

I know it’s not fair to say that all these bad things happened because I posted photos of myself. However, all of these bad things happened in the span of one week. Even my family wondered why my luck went sour.

5. You’re accomplishments makes others insecure

They’ll start to resent you as a person. Whether your intentions are pure or not, the people you follow will compare your photos to themselves, nitpicking their flaws in comparison to yours.

It doesn’t matter how much you share about body positivity and mental health, your mere existence on the platform causes others’ to have insecurities of themselves.

6. No one cares about you

It doesn’t matter if you follow the person or not. To them, you’re a complete stranger.

Even if you comment on their stories or like their posts, it doesn’t mean anything to them. You’re just a profile picture with a username. Nothing more, nothing less.

7. It doesn’t help with FOMO

The reason why I felt so much pressure to have an Instagram account was because I was afraid that I would miss out on amazing opportunities.

While Instagram was a great way to find out about events, 90% of the time I couldn’t go to them. So, all the platform did was let me know of all the events I couldn’t come to, and all the group photos and boomerangs my friends made made me feel left out.

8. You won’t focus on your hobbies anymore

I realized that I spent so much time on Instagram that I stopped updating this blog. Or crocheting. Or studying.

I thought that Instagram was a good use of my time. I thought that if I spent my time posting meaningful comments and funny stories, it would help me connect to others.

But meeting the people I followed in person was a harsh reality check. Worse, like a brick slapped across my face. I realized that no one owed me anything, and all the time I spent on the app was gone forever.

On top of it all, I had no one to blame but myself.

9. Your account is never private

When I posted a silly video on my story, a cousin of mine screen recorded it and showed it to all the people he knew. Other cousins and complete strangers told me they watched my video, which made me sick to my stomach.

The video was supposed to be special — the 70 people who regularly viewed my story were the only ones allowed to watch it. Instead, it became this viral thing.

People will know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who will show them all your photos and stories. They would never have to follow you. All they’ll do is call up their friend to creep on your page.

10. You become a people-pleaser

I realized I wasn’t myself when I was too afraid to posting too much on my story, too scared to post a photo of myself, and spent hours of my day looking at how many likes I got on a photo.

I became this anxious person that wanted to please my audience. I felt like I was on “performance-mode” every second of the day, to the point of exhaustion.

Believe me, I tried so hard to spend less time on the app. But I don’t have the self-restraint that the average person has. Even if I just wanted to check how many likes I got, I’d spend hours scrolling through photos of others.

To put icing on the cake, the first thing I’d do when I wake up was scroll through Instagram. Yup, it was that moment that snapped me into reality.

To conclude, Instagram is a toxic space which does nothing but heighten your insecurities and bring bad energy at your door.

I never listened to my mom when she told me that putting your information out there will bring il (evil eye). I thought she was over-exaggerating. But in the end, she was right.

Don’t worry, this post isn’t to guilt any of you into deleting your accounts forever. If you’re good at keeping your information private and post wisely, there’s nothing wrong with using the app.

Until next time, bye!

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