Transgender Females Are Destroying Women’s Athletics.

Very few people speak out against transgender females competing with biological females; however, people are quick to call out Semenya because of her unusually high testosterone levels. This makes me question whether it’s fair to have Semenya take drugs to lower her testosterone levels when we allow transgender females to compete without blinking an eye.

In case you don’t know, Semenya is a South African woman who was unknowingly tested by the NCAA because she kept winning every track event. Sure enough, they found that she had higher levels of testosterone than the average female, which caused so much outrage that the court of South Africa is forcing her to take dangerous drugs to lower her testosterone. If she refuses to take them, she won’t compete again.

Our society does not place the same level of outrage for transgender females. Even though Semenya’s testosterone levels are high for a woman, a transitioning female’s levels are much higher. But transgenders are not questioned about their testosterone levels. No one cares if it’s fair for them to complete against biological women. Anyone that does speak up about them is either bullied or silenced for their “hateful” views.

Do I hate transgender females? No, absolutely not. I just think they have no place in women’s sports. Transgender females are biologically male but identify as female. Biological males should not compete against biological females. There is a reason why athletic tests for women are less rigorous than men’s; men’s bodies are stronger and faster than women’s. That’s why biological women that compete with transgender women stand no chance.

If this post comes off as hateful and disrespectful to the transgender community, I apologize. But I have to stand up for women. Some women that compete need to win so they can get scholarships to go to college; how can we shrug our shoulders and allow their rightful spots to be taken?

That’s why Semenya’s backlash blows my mind. We sit and tear apart a biological woman for being born the way she is while praising transgender women for winning all women’s categories. It’s strange how our society has come to this.

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