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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

It was a hot summer day. I sat in my mom’s room, staring at the sunshine falling on the wooden floors. My eyelids were halfway closed. I lazily watched the dust specks sparkle in the light. It was so peaceful, and in that serenity I conjured up so many tales.

I’ve always wondered why that day was so magical. Now, I know it was because I lived in the present. In the calm silence of that sunny day, I knew that everything would be okay.

As adults, it’s hard to get into that headspace. We hardly give ourselves the time to eat, bustling about and our minds racing and our heads pounding. I remember waking up one day and feeling so drained. I realized that life was meant to be lived, not to run around like a hamster in a cage.

But what causes us to stop feeling this sense of peace? What prevents us from experiencing life to the fullest? That is the goal of my blog.

In this blog, I focus on self-development, mental health, and attracting abundance in our lives. Now, I’m starting to get that peace I found as a child. I’ve found the rusty key and unlocked a creaking door, into a world long forgotten.

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